The Sweet Meadow

50 Shades of Grey

interiorsAishe Besim
My first time painting - seriously! 

My first time painting - seriously! 

It's been almost five months since I first visited what will be the home of The Sweet Meadow and I'm excited - I have a set of keys!  Although we can't start major renovations until the Council planning permit comes through, I'm trying to get other things organised, like choosing paint colours.

As I will be occupying a building in the heritage area of Echuca's High Street, I am limited with the colours available to paint the exterior (only heritage colours are allowed and they also need to be approved by Council). This is probably a blessing in disguise, as I think I would be overwhelmed with the amount of choices otherwise! I had the outside colours decided pretty early on anyway - most old weatherboard houses I love follow the same colour palette - white and grey - and so I used these as a guide to match as close as I could to heritage colours. 

It took me a little longer to decide on paint colours inside. I could paint it fire engine red if I wanted to, but quickly decided that neutral would be the way to go. There's going to be lots of terracotta and greenery so I want this to pop! I love all white interiors but they can also have a stark feeling, and remind me too much of hospitals. I then saw a photo of a contrast wall with - you guessed it - white and grey, and thought this would work well with the furniture I have already purchased. I also think it will complement the finishes and textures that I'll be using, which include recycled timber, steel, and stone.  

I haven't picked up a paintbrush since kinder so luckily my mum is a seasoned painter and helped me test a few sample colours on the walls. I'm definitely going to need my wolf pack to help with this job - there's A LOT of high ceilings, cornices and joinery that will need to be painted and it will take days! 

The verdict? I'm happy with the lighter grey but want a stronger contrast for the darker colour on the bottom. Back to the paint shop...