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Product Spotlight: Grain-Free Granola

foodAishe Besim
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We've been serving up our grain-free granola dish since we started the cafe almost a year ago. I wanted to offer a breakfast option that would appeal to the paleo and low-carb/high fat way of eating (even if personally I eat the opposite!).

Enter the star of the show - granola from The Belle General Bakehouse. I discovered this granola on my first visit to Byron Bay a few months before I opened the business, and quickly became obsessed with it. The girls at The Belle General bake this granola in-house at their cafe in Ballina, NSW, and use mostly local ingredients. Full of nuts and seeds, we like to serve our granola with almond milk. Almonds are one of the only alkalising nuts and a great source of vitamin E, the major antioxidant in human epidermal tissue, which create smoothness and suppleness to our skin. 


The granola also has chia seeds, which contain the all-important essential omega 3 and 6 oils. They have twice the protein concentration of other seeds and are easily digestible in their whole form. We serve our granola with coconut yoghurt, a great source of probiotics that will help maintain a healthy stomach environment to aid in digestion and gut heatlh.

You can also sprinkle the granola on your oats, smoothie bowl, yoghurt or savoury muffins for an added protein and fibre hit. 500g bags of the granola are available at our cafe for $24, although we tend to sell out quicker than we can order it in (I always joke that the The Belle General crew are on "Byron time"). Alternatively, you can purchase other sizes directly from The Belle General's online store here