The Sweet Meadow


Cactus Country

plants, inspirationAishe Besim
Like attracts like.
— Law of Attraction

I'm a big believer in the law of attraction. Since I made the decision to pursue a business idea that had been in my head for months, I've continually crossed paths with people doing the same. People that are literally living their dream - growing things, making things, baking things, creating things. 

The bloke behind Cactus Country is a great example of this. Jim took his love for cacti and turned it into a career when he decided to set up this huge cacti and succulent garden in northern Victoria, about three hours north of Melbourne, and less than an hour from my home!

I heard about this place a year ago when my cousin, one half of the talented duo Tre & Elmaz, organised a photo shoot with a model amongst the cacti. While I just had a browse on my first visit, I plan to be back next month with a ute and some coin to purchase some of these beautiful plants as decorative pieces for The Sweet Meadow.