The Sweet Meadow


Video - The Creamy Avocado

video, foodAishe Besim

I should have known that our avocado dish would be the most popular.

It's familiar, it can be eaten for breakfast or lunch, and, it's bloody tasty! The pesto on crispy sourdough is the perfect base for creamy avocado. 

I was lucky enough to secure a few deliveries of avocados from nearby avocado farm Barham Avocados before their season of Hass varieties finished. I never knew avocado trees could grow so big! 

Check out more in the video below.

Video - The Launch

video, living the sweet lifeAishe Besim

Had I not created my whole world, I would have certainly died in other people’s.
— Anais Nin

This is The Sweet Meadow! What a blur the last few weeks have been.

I finished up at my former workplace on September 28, and just two days later, had a launch party for my friends and family. I had no intention of opening the cafe straight after, the launch was really just a way to stop and appreciate the huge effort that lots of people made to get this project off the ground.

There are still bits and pieces that need to be tweaked - lighting, shelving, storage, furniture. It's happening. Scroll down for some snaps from the night, or check out more here

Big thank you my ex-colleague Chris Hawking for doing a stellar job on this video.